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   Friday, October 20th   
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Fort Carson's major tenants include the 4th Infantry Division, the 4th Engineer Battalion, and the 71st Ordnance Group.

4th Infantry Division 719-503-0650
440th CABN (Civil Affairs Battalion) 719-524-5051
4th Engineer Battalion 719-526-5671
43rd SB (Sustainment Brigade) 719-526-9400
10th CSH (Combat Support Hospital) 719-526-3800
The 10th Combat Support Hospital was formed in 1942 and right away was able to provide relief in Europe during World War Two, for which it earned several awards. After several deactivations and name changes, the hospital was brought back to life in 1983 as the 10th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) which was sent to Saudi Arabia in 1991 as a part of Operation Desert Storm. In 1992 the MASH became the CSH, as it is known today, before deploying to Hungary and Bosnia until 1999. From 2002 on, the CSH supported Operation Iraqi Freedom several times and, in 2006, earned a Meritorious Unit Commendation for its service. In recent years, the 10th has proudly maintained a survival rate of its patients unparalleled by any other American unit.
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52nd Engineers 719-524-8104
71st Ordnance 719-526-5923
759th MP BN (Military Police Battalion) 719-526-1397
Though the 759th Military Police Battalion sat inactive for nearly 15 years in between World War Two and the Korean War, the unit played major roles in many of the country’s most crucial conflicts, starting with its involvement in guarding POW sites in Algeria at the start of WWII. After that, the unit spent a year patrolling various spots in Italy and then supported General Bradley’s 12th Army during the Ardennes and Bastogne campaigns. The battalion then fought in Germany with General Patton’s Third Army and spent several years policing Berlin until deactivation in 1953. After various redesignations, the battalion finally came to Fort Carson in 1987, where it deployed to Panama and then Operations Desert Shield and Storm in 1991. Several of the unit’s companies deployed to Somalia, Guantanamo Bay, and the Middle East, and continue to garner distinguishments and awards for their constant support and sacrifices.
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AFSBN Carson 719-526-9014
Evans Army Community Hospital 719-526-7001

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